Frequently asked questions

1 'I can not find the Radio X'

Every day we are working to add new radios. In some cases we could not do so for technological reasons. If you work in that radio, get in touch with us to coordinate how to make it available as soon as possible.

2 'I own radio X and do NOT want my radio station showing here'

Simply contact us. Obviously, we will need some evidence proving you are the owner of that radio station. Then, we will remove it from the site. RadioCut has no intention of infringing the intellectual property of anyone. We simply pretend be a tool for a greater disclosure of the contents produced.

3 'How can I download a cut?'

Only audio content from audiocuts can be downloaded. Furthermore, in order to download you must have an active Premium account.

4. Do radios receive income from advertising on the site?

Currently advertising revenue across the site are small and barely enough to solve some of the costs of the platform. Anyway, month to month increases the number of users of RadioCut and thus their income and believe that the radios just as content generators, receive part of such income. If you have a radio and want us to sign an agreement on revenue sharing for present and future income, contact us. get in touch with us.